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Digital Video Surveillance System

One of the latest additions to our vast line-up of solutions is the Digital Video Surveillance System. This exiting technology replaces the expensive VHS video recorders and CCTV multiplexers of the past with digital video recording to a computer based hard drive. Quickly search, review or export any video sequence recorded on any camera. Our systems range in size from 4 to 32 cameras in standard or High-Res, full colour or black and white. All of our systems offer the built in capability to view live camera footage via a standard high speed internet connection and your currently installed web browser.

DVR has become a popular product for much of our existing customer base as a management tool for employee performance and review in addition to reducing legal liability for injury and illegal activity. We also offer the ability to capture any transaction text and permanently super-impose it onto the captured video. Imagine the peace of mind knowing that the individual sales transaction information is saved onto the real time video recorded at the time it took place in your store.

XProtect Product Brochures:

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