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Silverware Touchscreen POS

Silverware Touchscreen POS is the most widely accepted touch-based application in the hospitality market. In an industry where employee turnover is high, simplifying POS operation has resolved a major issue. A touch-enabled, graphical user interface enhances time-sensitive operations from the reservation area to the kitchen. Touch-based systems do much more than speed up customer processing: more and more full-service hotels, restaurants, and fast-food chains are using their touch-based systems to capture and analyze detailed transaction data, while building a comprehensive customer database to help them better manage their businesses.

Today, one touch-based system can analyze counter, delivery, and eat-in information, timekeeping, labor scheduling, inventory control, management reporting, accounting, promotions, and marketing.

The results: a speedier, more organized service, and happier customers who keep coming back.

  • Advanced Table Management
  • Gift Card Application
  • Frequent Buyer/Points Program
  • VIP Tracking
  • CRM/Customer Tracking
  • Inventory Usage/Recipe Maintenance
  • Time & Attendance
  • Labor Scheduling
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Member Billing
  • Coupon Generation